What Is Included With A White Glove Moving Service

If you are going to move from one home to another, you will likely contact a moving service to handle the relocation of your personal items. Opting to hire a moving business that provides white glove moving services gives you several benefits over traditional moving companies. Here is what you can expect if you hire a white glove moving service to tend to your relocation.

Exceptional Attention To Each Of Your Belongings 

White glove moving services are usually requested when someone has fragile or expensive items that need to be relocated. Each of your belongings is handled with the utmost of care, giving you the peace of mind that they will arrive at your new home intact and without any damage. A white glove service takes the extra steps needed in deciding exactly where to position items in a moving truck so they are less likely to suffer from any type of damage.

Packing Services Are Provided For Proper Care

If you are unsure about how to package an item so that it does not become damaged, allow a white glove moving service to take charge. Workers will assess each and every piece of furniture or item that you need moved and determine how to package it so it is secured while in transit. This frees up your time to attend to other aspects regarding your move.

Cleaning Services Are Provided If Desired

Many white glove moving services provide the cleaning of your home's interior after your items have been moved out and into a moving truck. This is especially important if you rent your home, as you will definitely want to retain any security money you deposited at the time you signed a rental agreement. In addition, the moving service will clean the interior of your new home before belongings are placed inside.

Your Items Are Placed Within Your Home

Instead of having to unpack all the items you have moved into your new home, allow a white glove moving service to tend to the task for you. All packaging material is removed and taken away so you do not need to deal with finding a place to have it recycled. Furniture and larger items are also assembled for you. If you provide the service with details regarding where you would like items placed, they will position them according to your specifications. All you need to do is enter your home and all will be set up and ready for you to enjoy.

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