Useful Features For Belt-Mounted Handcuff Pouches

If you have a job that makes it necessary to keep handcuffs around, it's a good idea to purchase a pouch that offers an extra layer of protection. If you're planning to buy a belt-mounted pouch in particular, these are a couple of features that will help you use this resource effectively over the years.

Internal Straps

Once you have handcuffs placed in this pouch, you don't want it going anywhere. Handcuffs may be an important resource to your job and as such, you should get a belt-mounted handcuff pouch that comes with internal straps. You'll be able to wrap them around the handcuffs, keeping them from coming out of the pouch no matter what happens. Even if the pouch opens up and you perform a lot of different actions, the internal straps will keep the handcuffs in the exact same position.

Adjustable Belt Mount

A shining detail of belt-mounted handcuff pouches is the fact that they can be set up directly on the side or front of your belt. That way you always know where your handcuffs are when there's a situation that warrants their use. You'll have an easier time setting up one of these pouches if you ensure the mount portion can be adjusted. 

After sliding your belt through the mounted portion of the handcuff pouch, you can adjust it to rest snuggly on any portion of your body. Not only does that ensure the pouch fits your belt perfectly, but you can also make sure the pouch isn't able to move around because of your ability to secure it tightly. 

Webbing Tabs

You may decide to use a handcuff pouch for other things besides storing your handcuffs. For example, you might want to attach other resources that you use in your job regularly like whistles, flashlights, and other safety-related devices.

If you get a belt-mounted handcuff pouch with webbing tabs, you'll have all the room you need to support more resources. You can clip on other things to these tabs where they'll stay put for as long as you want. These tabs also usually feature some type of heavy-duty nylon, so you can rest assured the tabs support your resources regardless of their size and weight. 

When you need to keep handcuffs both protected and near your body, belt-mounted handcuff pouches are an amazing resource. 

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