Order This Custom Signage For Your Cemetery

If you work as a cemetery administrator and you'll soon be embarking on updating this property, one thing to consider is new signage. You may want new signs that you can display outside of the cemetery to make people aware of its name and the year that it was established. Large monument signs work well for this purpose, but there are some other signs that you may wish to order for throughout the property. Work with a custom sign company that can design and produce all of the signage that your cemetery needs. Here are some useful ideas to consider.


A lot of the people who enter your cemetery will be first-time visitors, so it's important that they see signage that will help them to navigate the property. This is especially important in a large cemetery. There are several different custom signs to consider. You may want large map signs inside each of the entrances or near your administrative building that people can consult to get an idea of where they are and where they want to go. Smaller signs that use arrows to point visitors toward specific sections of the cemetery will also be useful. It's important to remember that many people who visit the cemetery will be in mourning and that the right navigational signs will make their visit easier.

Rules And Hours

Another type of custom sign that you'll want to order is one that lists the cemetery's hours of operation and provides some rules for visitors to follow. It's customary for the monument sign outside of a cemetery to provide the hours, but it doesn't hurt to reinforce this information on some signage inside the gates. A series of rules, including reminding people to keep their voices low, pick up their garbage, and not bring pets, can be helpful. You may also want this sign to provide a phone number that people can call if they see an issue that requires the attention of your maintenance staff.

Corporate Sponsors

Cemeteries often receive donations from corporate sponsors to help with their operating costs. If this is applicable to your cemetery, it's appropriate to have one or more signs that convey a message of thanks to these companies. You'll likely want these signs in a place of prominence on the property. In terms of appearance, these signs should have a similar theme to your other signs, featuring your main branding color and your logo. 

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