Planning Moving Day? 4 Tips To Help Your Movers

If you're getting ready to move, and you've hired a moving service, make sure you're prepared. Moving day can be a chaotic experience, especially if you're not completely ready. To help you avoid the chaos, read the information below. Here are four steps you should take before your movers arrive. 

Sort Your Belongings

If you're in the process of relocating, you want your moving day to go as smoothly as possible. One way to do that is to have all of your belongings sorted before the movers arrive. To do that, you should start with two basic categories: keep and donate. When dividing your belongings into categories, be sure to place the items in separate locations. Placing your categories in separate locations in the house will help to alleviate confusion on moving day. For an even easier process, arrange to have your donated items picked up prior to moving day. 

Measure the Doorways

If you have large items to move, it's important that you measure the doorways before the movers arrive. There are some items that are too large to fit through standard doorways. Therefore, your movers will need to know about doorway issues when they arrive to transport your belongings. Not only that, but knowing the size of your doorways will allow you to make preparations prior to moving day. For instance, if you have sliding glass doors, you can remove the sliding portion to accommodate larger items. 

Plan for the Packing

If you've hired movers for your relocation, you'll have two options to handle the packing. First, you can pack all of your belongings on your own. Second, you can arrange to have the movers handle all of the packing for you. There are a couple of benefits for having the movers take care of the packing for you. When you include packing in the service, you free up your time for other issues that you need to take care of. Also, you ensure that your belongings will be packed safely and securely. 

Provide Adequate Parking

Finally, if professional movers will be handling your relocation, you'll want to provide adequate parking. The last thing you want is to have your moving day delayed because there's no room for the moving truck. The best thing you can do is block off the area in front of your home. That way, your movers have easy access to your home, which will speed up the process and eliminate traffic tie-ups.

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