First-Time Taking Your Road Test? Use These Tips

When you're ready to drive, you might be very excited to get your license and start using all your driving privileges. However, once you've passed the written test, you might become a little worried about the road test that you need to pass in order to finally get your driver's license. How can you make certain that your road driving test will be successful? Try these tips.

1. Develop Driving Routines

Before arriving for your test, you'll need some driving practice. That's the best time to develop good habits that will serve you during the test and throughout your life. It's especially important that you ensure that you're creating little routines for yourself that you won't forget whenever you get into a car. For instance, you can make a routine out of sitting, adjusting your mirrors, putting on your seat belt, and releasing the parking brake. If the routine is ingrained in your memory, you won't have trouble during your driving test.

2. Get Enough Rest

When you're sleep-deprived, you're not at your best for a driving test. Your reaction times will likely be slower and your decision-making skills could suffer. Do your best to get a nice, full night of sleep before attempting your road test.

3. Look Over Your Shoulders

Many people know they need to look over their shoulders when moving into a new lane or making turns. However, if you do it in a subtle fashion, the test instructor might not notice—and may deduct a few points from your overall score. Make sure you are slightly exaggerating head turns so they can see that you are indeed looking over your shoulders.

4. Make Complete Stops

Drivers sometimes make rolling stops as they approach stop signs. For your road test, this won't do. Come to a full and hard stop without rolling through a stop sign, even if there are no other vehicles present.

5. Ask Questions

It is okay if you don't fully understand what the test instructor is asking you to do. Ask the test instructor to give more clarification if you need it.

6. Take Deep Breaths

Try not to let your nerves get the better of you. If you feel your shoulders bunching up or start to feel anxious, take a few deep breaths before moving on. The more relaxed you can be during the test, the better you will do.

With these pointers, you can ensure that one road test is all you need. Contact your local motor vehicles agency (MVA) for additional suggestions.  

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