3 Important Ways To Lower The Costs Of Propane Gas Delivery

Propane gas continues to be one of the most economical and convenient sources of energy for homes and businesses across the nation. Unlike natural gas, which is sourced from a huge network of pipes, propane is stored inside a tank at the customer's property to ensure a constantly available supply. 

Propane and other types of heating fuels are susceptible to price fluctuations caused by severe weather, higher than usual demand, and other influences. Homeowners and small businesses that depend upon propane for heating, food preparation, and other needs can use the following tips to help keep their propane delivery costs as low as possible. 

Replace small storage tanks with larger ones

In most markets, the per-gallon price of propane is typically highest during the heating season when demand is greatest. Customers who have smaller propane tanks require more frequent tank refills, especially during the cold winter months when they are using propane as a heat source. 

Taking action to reduce the number of times a propane tank must be refilled each year by installing a larger tank can help customers avoid the need to purchase more gas when high demand is forcing sharp increases in the per-gallon cost.  

Consider pre-buying propane during the offseason

Propane customers who already have a large propane tank and those that are unable to upsize their current tank may be able to save by using a pre-buy strategy. Many propane delivery services offer special propane pricing during the months when demand for propane is lowest, such as during the summer months.

Customers who want to take advantage of this potential savings should ask their propane delivery service if they can purchase more than their tank will hold during times of low demand and have it delivered on an as-needed basis. Propane companies who offer their customers the option of pre-buying propane in large quantities may require advance payment, special delivery scheduling, or other purchase condition, so it is important to ask for detailed information about available pre-buy options.

Explore the purchase of your own storage tank

Most propane delivery services charge an annual fee for renting and maintaining the propane tank. Customers may be able to avoid this cost by purchasing their own propane tank. Many propane delivery services are able to assist their customers with the installation and inspection of privately-owned storage tanks for a one-time fee.

For even more cost-saving ideas, residential and business customers should take time to discuss their usage and cost concerns with a propane gas delivery service in their area. 

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