Different Ways To Acquire An Aircraft Engine Stand

If you work with aircraft engines often, such as if you buy and sell them or if you make repairs to them, then you are probably going to need an aircraft engine stand. There are a few different ways that you can acquire an aircraft engine stand, so try the ideas below.

Use the One That Came With the Engine

If you have recently purchased an aircraft engine, there is a good chance that the engine came with a stand. It can be a good idea to use this stand, if you have one, since you won't have to worry about spending money on another stand and you'll know that there is a good chance that the aircraft engine stand is a good fit for your aircraft engine. If you are still in the process of purchasing an aircraft engine, you can contact the supplier that you're buying it from to find out whether or not it will come with an aircraft engine stand.

Buy One

Of course, you do have the option to purchase an aircraft engine stand, which can be a good idea if you know that you are going to need to use it frequently. Make sure that you check the specifications for the stand that you are purchasing to make sure that it's the right size for your aircraft engine. Consider looking for a stand that can be used for transport so that you can use it for that purpose later on if needed.

Rent One

There are rental companies that offer aircraft engine stand rentals. One of these companies can be quite useful if you only need an aircraft engine for temporary use. Just make sure that you return it on time to avoid being charged additional fees.

Borrow One

In some cases, you might be able to acquire an aircraft engine stand for temporary use without paying anything at all. If you have friends in the industry, someone might be willing to loan you an aircraft engine. If you are sending your engine off to be worked on or if you are selling it, you might be able to borrow an aircraft engine stand from the repair service or the buyer. It doesn't hurt to ask so that you don't have to spend money on an aircraft engine stand that you might not use for very long or that you might not need again.

For more information about engine stands, such as CFM56 engine stands, contact an aircraft service. 

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