4 Things You Should Buy For Your Concession Trailer

Feeling excited about opening your concession trailer? You may look forward to serving the public with the food that you are proud to prepare. If you already have the trailer, the next step involves buying essential concession trailer equipment. A lack of good equipment would keep you from being able to do your job correctly.

Portable Sink 

If you are running a concession stand, you need to keep things sanitary. Not only will you need to use the sink to rinse some of the food you are planning to prepare, such as fruits or vegetables used to make meals, but you will also need to use it to wash your hands. You should make sure you are regularly washing your hands as often as possible to prevent cross-contamination and to maintain sanitary conditions.

Hot Food Table

Keeping hot food warm is a priority. You do not want to serve cold food to your customers, but you also want to be prepared for the large lines that may come quickly. Having a hot food table installed inside the concession trailer means you will have a safe and sanitary place to put hot food while keeping it at the perfect temperature before serving it to those who order food from your concession stand.

Gas Range and Griddle

Have a place to prepare all different types of food. If you buy a gas range with a griddle attached to it, you can make multiple meals at one time. You can prepare just about anything on your menu, whether you are serving breast, lunch, or even assorted appetizers.

Prep Station

The prep station is a necessity for any concession trailer owner. You are limited to the amount of space you have available to work with, but you need to have the prep station installed somewhere inside the trailer. This is the area where you will do your cutting, chopping, seasoning, and other prep-related tasks. You might want to select a prep station that comes with a drawer attached to it. You can place seasonings and assorted spices inside the drawer to have them readily available to you while you are prepping the food.

When you have a concession trailer, you should also have different types of equipment inside of it. The four pieces of equipment that are absolute must-haves include portable sinks, a hot food table, a gas range with a griddle, and a prep station. You might also need other equipment based on what you are going to make and sell.

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