Monitoring Your Diabetes Does Not Have To Be Difficult Or Ugly: Sensor Patches That Ease And Please

If you are an active person living with diabetes, you know how important it is to regularly monitor your blood sugar before, during, and after exercise or physical activity. The trouble is, most people who are that active do not have time to sit down, open their kit with their monitor, test strips, and puncture needles to get a reading. Active people opt instead for sensors that take a reading from the body's sweat and a tiny blood reading, and then alert you with a beep or an alert sent to a smartphone.

If you have opted for this type of technology, the one drawback you may experience are the sensor patches. Most sensor patches look like giant band-aids, and are not very attractive. They are very obvious, and often spawn conversations with people you do not want to have. To make it more difficult, a lot of the basic sensor patches that hold your sensor in place are not waterproof, and they peel off on their own too soon. Before you decide to scrap the whole sensor and sensor patch method of monitoring your diabetes, here are some sensor patches that are, shall it be said, cute, and waterproof. 

Wear What You Want to Wear

There are diabetic sensor patch companies making every effort to make sensor patches attractive. Rather than wear something that looks like you just had surgery or are going through chemo, these companies have made patches of all colors, shapes, and patterns. You can even wear patches for certain holidays, like an American flag for Independence Day, or a Christmas tree for Christmas. It is almost like wearing a removable tattoo, except that these patches serve an important medical function. 

Easy to Put on, Take off, and Waterproof

Products from companies like Dexcom patches also make it easier to have an active lifestyle on the water and in the water. Waterproof patches stay put while you swim, dive, waterski, jet ski, surf, and do a variety of other activities in the water. The patches easily peel off their backings, stick well to clean, dry skin, and never let water through. You might think that sensor patches that can do all that might be really hard or painful to remove, but they are not. They peel off just as easily as any waterproof band-aid. When these patches are also fashionable and fun to wear, you will not mind wearing your diabetic sensor at all.

If you want to know more about sensor patches and prepping yourself for patches that fit your lifestyle, check out sites like Skin Grip to see and learn more.

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