Ensuring Your Tools Are As Reliable As Your Business

If you work as an electrical contractor then you likely have a variety of tools that are vital to your daily work. These tools are as much a part of your business as you are. When your tools aren't working correctly, it keeps you from doing your job effectively and efficiently. Even worse, tools that are no longer properly calibrated can cause problems that you may not even be aware of. Because tools in poor repair can make your life as a contractor so much more difficult, it is important to keep your tools calibrated and to have repairs conducted when necessary.

Which Tools Require Calibration?

Most of your hand tools are unlikely to require calibration or repair, but this isn't true of the most critical tool in your arsenal: your multimeter. Professional multimeters are expensive, highly accurate devices, but their calibration can drift over time. As this happens, the measurements from the device will become increasingly less trustworthy. A multimeter with calibration that is wildly off will usually produce clearly inaccurate results, but one that is just beginning to drift is likely to exhibit far more subtle symptoms. Because you may not be aware that your multimeter's calibration is off, it is important to perform calibrations on a regular schedule rather than when obvious problems arise.

How Often Should You Calibrate?

Your multimeter's manual should list a recommended calibration interval, but you should consider adjusting this depending on the type of work that you do. If you primarily use your multimeter in residential structures or other undemanding settings, then it is probably safe to have a calibration conducted once per year. For more intensive work, a greater frequency of calibrations is usually advisable. Since professional calibrations can be expensive, consider having the accuracy of your multimeter measured at least twice a year and calibrated as needed.

Recognizing When Repairs are Needed

In addition to regular measurement and calibration, multimeters sometimes fail and must be repaired. High-end multimeters tend to be reliable and long-lasting, but misuse or accidents can damage their internal circuitry. If you are receiving inaccurate measurements on your multimeter even after a recent calibration, then it is likely that an electrical tool measurement repair services is in your near future. Before taking your device to a professional, however, it can pay to check the internal fuse and replace the leads. If neither of these straightforward solutions solves the problem, then there may be corroded internal wiring or damaged circuitry. For a high-end multimeter, it is best to have these problems repaired by an expert.

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