Giving Your Beauty Salon Customers A Cleaner Experience

As a beauty salon owner, it might concern you when stories circulate about unsanitary conditions in hair and nail salons which ultimately harm customers. You may already run a neat shop, but there are always ways to improve. Use these ideas so you can provide a cleaner, more sanitary experience for your customers.

Use an Autoclave Sterilizer

Like many salons, yours may rely on chemical washes, sprays and other methods to wipe down seats and equipment. However, for the hair clippers, nail clippers and other smaller items that physically touch customers, that might not be enough. Only autoclave sterilizers can kill all bacteria; it might be time for you to buy one for the salon.

All autoclaves will offer high heat. However select a model that uses pressure and steam as well, to comply more closely with CDC recommendations. To show your customers that you're using sterilized materials on them, look for sterilizers that can work with temperature-sensitive pouches. Usually, these pouches will change color after processing. Therefore, you can prove to customers that you're using the right pouches on them. Because the pouches will be sealed before use, you can then unseal them only when you're ready to begin work on a customer.

Use Foot Liners

For customers who want a pedicure, you might be using the same foot soak tub for everyone. While you might be washing the tub in between customers, to make the situation cleaner and more personal for each person, use individual foot liners.

Monitor Employee Appearance and Performance

Remember that your stylists and nail technicians are the people who spend the most time with your customers. For that reason, you should be monitoring their appearance and behavior. Do their smocks have stains on them? Are they washing their hands? Remind them of any behaviors they need to adjust.

Post Safety and Cleanliness Policies

Of course, making all these changes might not catch your customers' eyes until they're aware of them. For that reason, you should post the safety measures you're taking inside your salon. You should post multiple copies of your methods around the salon where customers can view them; one list should be posted in the waiting area.

Posting of these policies isn't only for your customers' benefit. Having them up will remind staffers to observe and follow through with them.

Being attentive to cleanliness and good health in your salon will make customers more comfortable. When people can see how seriously you take the conditions in your salon, you're likely to attract more new customers and those who will be loyal in the future. For more information, reach out to companies like Revolutionary Science.

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