Four Things Your Dealership Isn't Doing Over The Phone That You Must Start Now

Running a car dealership means that you are in competition with other dealerships and private sellers in order to move vehicles off of your lot. Every aspect of selling will need to be top tier in order for your dealership to meet your personal goals and for everyone to make more money. One of the ways that dealerships can begin to sell cars is over the phone. Though answering questions and following up queries is important, there are some things that you should be doing that you likely aren't. Here are four ways to sell over the phone that need to start now. 

1. Have a team assigned purely to the phones

You should hire people who are upbeat and easy to talk to should be a receptionist at your dealership. The phone crew should be the one to answer phones and help bring in potential leads over the phone, so they should be equipped with the knowledge of the cars that are on the lot. The easiest way to do this is to keep an up to date listing of the vehicles that are on the lot and their statistics. Have the phone team set appointments and answer questions to bring people into the dealership to look at cars. 

2. Offer phone and appointment deals

Internet marketing works well and internet coupons bring in customers who are looking for a good deal. The same can be done over the phone. Those who call and make an appointment to see a car should be given a coupon code or a special deal if they purchase from the dealership. This gives your phone team time to take down their information to start a file and it gives the customer the incentive to come in. 

3. Calling those who were on the fence

If someone came into the dealership and was on the fence about a new car or had reservations, following up is a good idea. It is tempting to just move on to new leads, but if you are in the midst of developing a relationship with a customer, you should check back in on them. Giving a customer a call after a week and expressing your desire to help get them into a new car will give them a good reason to come back in. 

4. Talk about easy financing

If easy financing is available at your dealership, calls should always lead with this. A lot of people fear that they may not be able to get financing for the car they want, which can put them off from buying. If you are able to finance to the majority or all buyers, let them know that all you need to talk about is the down payment and the monthly payment. 

To learn more, contact a company that specializes in car sales phone training. 

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