Your Essential Oils Business: Holiday Pop-Ups

 An essential oils business, done well, can allow you to share your personal love of oils with others while you earn money and build a base of returning customers. Single events held at schools, local farmers' markets or outside other stores, sometimes called pop-up stores or pop-ups, are vital for locating new customers. The holidays can be an especially appropriate time for pop-ups, so if you're considering a few this season, try these suggestions.

Rent Tables

You'll need somewhere to display your oils, and the site of your pop-up may not have one available for you. Rather than carrying a folding table from event to event all over town, rent tables instead. That way, you'll know there's a table or two for your event without needing to ask site personnel to help you out. You can control the number of tables you have, which may be good if you plan to display not only the oils but pamphlets or items you've made with your oils. Many rental companies will deliver your table rentals to the site you're using, eliminating the problem of transporting them all over the place.

Even if the site can provide you with a table, being able to choose your own tables from a rental company may be preferable. The table will be part of your display, and if you have the option of selecting one of a particular size or type, the table can contribute to the atmosphere you're trying to create and give your pop-up a well put together look. 

If you do rent tables, ensure that measurements are kept in mind so that your layout will look right. Finding out the day of your pop-up that all the diffusers you'd planned to showcase won't fit, for instance, could be problematic.

Allow People to Make Gifts

A pop-up needs to be eye-catching and visually impressive if you hope to steer attention toward your oils. While at other times, your pop-ups may focus on the oils themselves and their benefits to the home and health, during holiday pop-up events you might focus on gifts that could be made for others with the oils. 

For instance, rather than displaying single oils, you might provide ingredients and tools to make body butters, bath bombs, lip balms or perfume. People enjoy activities, and when you show them how they can utilize the oils of their choice to make inexpensive but great-smelling and looking gifts, you can interest them in what you're selling. Remember to include "recipe" cards so they can replicate their work at home.

These suggestions should make your essential oil holiday pop-up easier and more productive. Chat with more entrepreneurs about other ideas which could increase sales at these events.

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