Four Mistakes To Avoid With Data Conversion

Data conversion can be quite the expensive process, and unfortunately, most people make certain mistakes that make it even more expensive. Data conversion requires the right resources in areas such as appropriate technology, solid methodology, skilled leadership, and data quality management. Here are some of the data migration mistakes most companies make so that you can avoid them beforehand.

Lack of Expertise

This is the biggest and the most common mistake most people make when it comes to digital conversion. The reason behind this mistake is the fact that most people underestimate the need or the complexity of the project. Most people perceive it to be grunt work, but it will never work unless you actually assign the right people to the different key roles.

Cutting Corners

When analyzing the costs and complexity involved in data migration, stop cutting corners. You need to ask the tough questions, like how the team came up with a figure if they did not even examine the data in the first place. If forecasting is not done right, you might end up paying a lot more than you bargained for or have an incomplete project on your hands, both of which can be a disaster. If you want a successful migration, you should not expect that you will get skilled staff, great technology, and a specialist migration of a rock bottom budget.

Waiting For the Right Time (Endlessly)

You might not know this, but it matters very little, if at all, whether the target is firmed up or not. You need to get started already because there is just too much to get done with data quality and data analysis. Once you do the migration impact assessment activity, you should not wait for a certain anticipated target because it could end up being too late to meet the deadline.

Lack of Specialist Data Quality Skills and Software

Data migration is very different from data integration. In the latter, people can learn and perfect their skills on-the-job. However, this is not the case in the former, and you will need skilled specialists from the get go. Data quality requires a specialist that is well-honed in discovery, root-cause analysis, profiling, monitoring, measurement, rule creation, mitigation, reporting etcetera. The same applies to data quality software, especially if you are dealing with millions of records and hundreds of tables.

These are some of the crucial mistakes you need to avoid during your digital conversion process. Do not take any of them for granted or you will probably regret it in the near future. For more information and help, contact a professional digital conversion company, such as Prime Time Video Digital Productions.

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