An Industrial Roll Off Could Be An Efficient Way To Handle Waste For Your Operation

If your industrial operation has difficulty keeping waste under control, you should look into renting an industrial roll off. A roll off is a dumpster that can be placed where you want it since it rolls off a truck. This makes it easy to deliver and pick up. You can rent industrial roll offs for the long-term or just temporarily when you have special projects that produce more waste than usual. Here are some things to consider.

Order The Best Size

Choosing the right size takes some careful thought. You can't load a roll off so full that debris sticks out of the top. Roll offs that are hauled on a truck to be dumped could lose debris onto the highway if they are too full. Some companies may even stack the containers when picking up or delivering them. If debris sticks out of the top, the containers can't be stacked. This could result in not picking up your container or charging you extra fees. So choose one that will be large enough to handle all your waste. However, one thing you want to keep in mind is that there could be a weight limit. If you have a lot of very heavy waste, you might reach the weight limit before the container is full. If you exceed the limit, you might have to pay additional fees.

Consider Multiple Small Roll Offs

Rather than one large roll off, you may want to rent a few small ones. This makes it easier to avoid exceeding the weight limit. It also makes it possible to separate your waste into trash and recycling materials. If you dispose of a large amount of cardboard boxes or other paper materials, you may want to rent a container that includes a compactor so the trash you put in it can be compressed. This allows you to throw away a lot more trash before the container is full. You'll also be able to spread the containers around your lot so they are more easily accessible to employees throwing out trash by hand. You'll have to consider if you have the space for multiple containers keeping in mind that you'll need to leave room for trucks to maneuver when they are delivered and serviced.

Know What Can Be Placed In The Containers

You'll still have to follow rules of your local landfill when you put trash in the roll offs. You can't throw anything in them you couldn't take to a local landfill such as paint, hazardous waste, and large amount of liquid waste or oil. Such items must be set aside and disposed of according to local regulations. Most other industrial trash such as construction byproducts, packaging, metal waste, and paper products can be placed into the roll offs sorted or unsorted for quick and efficient disposal. Renting a roll off or a few roll offs allows you to get rid of waste as soon as you produce it so it doesn't have to stack up and wait for a dumpster to be emptied before you can fill it again.

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