Security Options That Protect The Expensive Inventory In Your High-End Shop

If you plan to open a store that deals in expensive goods such as jewelry, paintings, or antiques, then security will be very important to you. You have several options when it comes to security. Some are discreet while others are clearly visible and act as a deterrent. Here are some ways you can make your store more secure.

Door And Window Protection

You probably want to make sure your store is protected during the night while no one is there. You could have security film installed on the windows or have doors and windows installed with impact glass. These methods keep intruders from smashing out the glass on your store, and they don't interfere with the appearance of the building. Another option is to install a roll down door that covers the entire front of your store so the glass is protected behind a metal barrier.

Security System With Video Monitoring

A good security system is very important. It should include alarms and video monitoring with remote access. Remote access allows you to check on your store when you're not there. You may even want to sign up with a security monitoring system so your alarms and video can be monitored 24-hours a day by a service team.

Security Guards

Security guards are an important addition to your security plan when you sell expensive goods. The presence of a uniformed guard helps customers feel safe and it can deter criminals. Guards can be present during business hours and also at night to protect against theft. It's usually easier to use guards from a security company rather than hire your own because you'll have more flexibility. You may want extra guards on the busiest days of the week and during the holiday shopping season.

You may also want to bring in undercover guards on certain occasions if you want to monitor employees and shoppers in the store discreetly. If you transport expensive goods to buyers' homes, you may even want the protection of guards on the delivery vehicle to make sure the goods arrive safely. There are many uses for security guards in a store that sells jewelry and other expensive items so having a guard present at all times is worth the expense.

It is good to invest in quality security for your store so it gains a reputation for being safe and you have peace of mind knowing your inventory is protected and your staff is as safe as possible from criminals attracted to your products. If your store will be in its own building rather than part of a mall with security built in, it's even more important to develop a security plan before you open. Since you'll be responsible for security of the entire building, you may want to consult with a security company to make sure you have a good system installed and have all the security personnel you need to keep your expensive inventory safe.

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