3 Tips For Setting Up Your Legal War Room

When you and your legal team have an upcoming trial, it's time to set up your legal war room. This is where your team will collaborate, practice their arguments, and perfect your overall litigation strategy. Before you begin arguing the details of your case, it's important to create an organized, functional, and comfortable war room for your team. Here are three tips for setting up your legal war room:

Rent a Copier

If your law firm already has dedicated printers and copiers, they are most likely in frequent use. In other situations, law firms do not have a robust copier available because they handle most things electronically. These are great reasons to rent a copier or two for the duration of your courtroom preparation. You will be able to print, copy, and share as many copies as needed of pleadings and discovery documents. You and your team can mark up and make notes on your war room copies, while leaving your courtroom documents pristine.

Your copier rental company, such as CopyTex Business Solutions LLC, will be in charge of setting up and then removing your copier as needed, saving you time and minimizing unnecessary distractions. 

Rent a Projector and Screen

An important part of preparing for trial is making sure that you and your team see everything that the judge or jury will be seeing during trial, projected on a screen. This will help your team notice errors or possible problems with your evidence in time to make corrections or adjustments.

A high quality projector and screen will allow you to project documents as well as share your computer screen with your legal team to ensure you are fully prepared for trial. You can also practice questioning witnesses while projecting the same photos or documents you will be projecting during the actual trial.

Plan to Provide Meals, Snacks, and Beverages

If your legal team is left hungry or thirsty, they will be distracted and irritable. Not having enough food or drinks on hand will also lead to frequent breaks and interruptions, at a time when your team should be hunkered down and working long hours. Work with a catering company and your office manager to make sure there are plenty of healthy, light snacks as well as coffee, cold water, and other beverages on hand at all times. Plan meals to be delivered that can be easily eaten while working if necessary, such as gourmet sandwiches.

Taking the time to prepare an organized legal war room gives your team a leg up on the opposing counsel.

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