Four Great Reasons To Cut The Clutter

Decluttering is pretty trendy these days, thanks in part to the popularity of Marie Kondo's best-selling book. It seems more people than ever are going through their things and donating -- or selling -- items that no longer serve them. Perhaps you've shrugged your shoulders and looked the other way, figuring this is just another trend best ignored. But decluttering is not just fashionable. It actually has a lot of benefits, including the following.

More Mental Space

Have you ever noticed that when you're in a simple, minimally decorated space, you feel relaxed and at-peace with your emotions? Yet, when you're in a messy, cluttered space, you feel overwhelmed and unfocused. The space you are in has a huge impact on your emotions, and since your home is a place where you spend a lot of time, you want it to have a positive influence on your thoughts and feelings. Eliminate physical clutter, and you'll also eliminate a lot of emotional clutter.

More Money

Chances are, you can sell a good number of the items you decide to part with. Just think of what you could do with that extra money in your pocket! And once your space is clear and clutter-free, you may be motivated to buy fewer things going forward, which will save you even more money. Even if you donate some of the items you declutter, you can still write them off on your taxes and save some cash.

Easier Cleaning

You probably don't enjoy always having to dust all of the extra nick knacks on your shelves. And who likes sorting through and re-folding fifteen shirts you never wear after digging one out from the bottom of the pile? When you get rid of the excess, you make cleaning and organizing your things so much easier, which saves you time and energy. You may actually keep your space cleaner as a result, which is good for your health. 

Redefinition of Your Values

Often, the things you hold onto -- but don't need -- reflect an old version of yourself that is no longer relevant. For example, you may be holding onto baseball gloves though you haven't played in ten years. If you get rid of these reminders of "old you," then you'll have more space, both mental and physical, for the new you to grow and expand.

Decluttering is an excellent exercise that will benefit your life in so many ways. Get started today by decluttering just one room, and move forward from there. For more information, contact a business such as Organizing Express.

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