Improving Your Shop Signage

When your retail shop first opened, you were probably trying to save money when coming up with the signs you'd use both in the store, above the front door, and on the street. However, now that business is underway and you've got a budget that's a little bigger than you started with, it may be time to revisit the signs you're using to ensure they're effective. Asking these questions about your signs can provide insight and alert you to the changes needed:

What Do Signs Look Like Now?

The best place to begin when you're considering new signs is to evaluate what you like and dislike about the ones you're using now. Do the signs only use black lettering? Is there too much information, making them harder to read to read than you initially intended? Has your business changed slightly so that the signs are totally accurate any longer? Once you have considered the old signs, you can then start to make plans for the signs you want to create.

What Do Customers and Employees Say?

Surveying customers and employees about the existing signs can help you work on new signs too. If, for instance, you've heard things like "I couldn't read the sign until I got really close to it" or have been repeatedly asked where something is in spite of a sign that is already up, you've got an idea of what should change. You may offer a coupon to customers for taking a few moments to provide feedback regarding signage.

Your loyal workers should also be consulted. They might have insight or ideas that you haven't yet thought of. Their input can make the signs better.

Have You Considered Custom Signs? 

Once you've gotten feedback from the people who know your shop, you may want to come up with custom signage that best represents you and the shop. Custom signs often provide the best way to do this; rather than having to conform to existing sizes, colors and fonts, custom sign shops allow you to come in with your imagination and craft something that is both unusual and appropriate for your shop. A custom sign can be visually striking in a way traditional signs cannot, and that may drum up even more business.

Your shop's signs perform an essential function for your company. Ask a company like ABC Stamp Signs & Awards for recommendations an help in creating high-quality signs that work well.

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