What To Know On A New Property With Propane

If you've only lived in homes that were heated with natural gas or electricity, propane could present some differences you should find out about. Propane gas use can be safe and provide a savings to you over time, but ensure you and all your family members have information about the following propane issues.

Know Who Owns Your Tank

An immediate detail that could end up being rather important is establishing ownership of the tank or tanks on the property. Oftentimes, even homeowners are renting their propane tanks. What that means is anytime you want to switch over to another propane provider, you may need to have the current tank removed; the new provider will need to set up their own tank. If you would like to purchase a tank yourself and use propane companies for only the fuel, that may end up costing you less over time but could prove more challenging and costly to install.

Know Propane Odor

Naturally, of course, propane is odorless. Propane gas delivery companies use additives to create a pungent smell that anyone can notice right away. If you're unfamiliar, talk with your delivery technician. As they open the tank to attach and detach the hose, you should be able to have a whiff of the odor. If you should later start smelling that same smell, you should clear the house and contact your provider. The only exception to this is in the hours after your delivery; it's not uncommon that the smell will linger for a few hours. If you're uncomfortable, of course make contact with the company. You can also have a gas detector indoors.

Avoid Grass Contact with Tanks

Once you become used to propane in the house, you might pick up some smaller tanks for grilling and other things on your property. Setting them right on the grass could be troublesome, as grass becomes wet with morning dew. That water could start to interact with the surface of the tanks, creating conditions perfect for corrosion. Corrosion can not only damage the little tanks and make them more likely to develop holes and cracks, but any inner rusting can interfere with that all-important propane odor that would indicate leaks.

Propane isn't hard to use at home. You just have possess basic information and tips about it. Discuss propane gas delivery with a company nearby; they can answer any related question you've got for them

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