Clean Tile Flooring And Minimize Additional Staining

If the tile flooring leading to the offices in the commercial business that you own are often caked with mud and have scuff marks on their surface, due to heavy amounts of foot traffic on a daily basis, cleaning the floors with supplies that do not contain harsh scents or abrasive components will leave a lingering fresh, pleasant scent inside of your office building's interior. The following steps will teach you how to eliminate unsightly marks and ways to minimize future staining on the floor:


  • push broom
  • dust pan
  • bucket
  • sponge mop
  • mild detergent
  • warm water
  • white vinegar
  • citrus oil
  • buffing machine
  • buffing sponge
  • extension handle
  • floor mats or runners
  • hat and coat rack

Sweep And Mop The Floor

Wait until everyone has left the office building for the day before preparing to clean the tile flooring. Remove trash cans and any other loose items that are presently on the floor and temporarily place them inside one of the offices. Move to one corner of the flooring and use a push broom to begin sweeping the tiled surface. Sweep loose debris into a dust pan before disposing of the dirty particles.

Fill a mop bucket with equal amounts of warm water and mild detergent. Pour a few drops of citrus oil and white vinegar into the cleaning solution. The citrus oil will help eliminate greasy residue from the floor's surface and will infuse a fresh, citrus scent into the office building.

The white vinegar will aid in disinfecting the floor's surface and will break down stubborn stains. Mop the floor from one end to the other. When finished, rinse the mop bucket with fresh water and refill the bucket. Dip a clean mop into the plain water and move the mop across the entire floor. Wait for the tiled surface to dry.

Buff And Protect The Tiled Surface

Use a buffing machine or buffing sponge that has an extension handle connected to it to buff the tile flooring. Move the buffing machine or sponge across the floor in straight lines. Buffing the floor will add shine to the tiling and will eliminate any faint marks that were not previously removed with the cleaning process. After you have completed the task, consider adding floor mats near the doors or placing floor runners over central portions of the flooring.

Mats and runners will not compromise the beauty of the floor and will prevent dirt from coming into contact with the tiled surface. One additional option is to purchase a hat and coat rack and set it up near the entrance to the office building. Encourage your employees and patrons to use the rack. This will especially come in handy on days when it is raining outside. Because rainwater won't be dripping onto the tile flooring after wet garments have been hung up, stains on the tile flooring will be kept to a minimum.

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